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    Company Outline

    Company Outline
    Company D2T Korea CEO Sung-Won, SONG
    Address Rm#934 Doosan Venture Digm. 415, Heungan-daero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14059, Korea Tel 82-31-4783-270
    Established February 12, 2003 Homepage www.humac-d2t.co.kr
    Business Vehicle performance test equipment, Software development, environment-related engineering, electric, electron, component of information and communication-related manufacturing industry

    The motto of a company

    Creative Thinking Continuous Innovation Passionate sense of ownership Infinite Challenge

    The Motto of D2T Korea

    Management Philosophy

    Goal of Business

    • As a total solution provider, we develop and supply the test system for automotive and transportation industries fields
    • As a total solution provider, we develop and supply the test equipment for green technology and future energy (HEV, EV, FCEV and etc…)
    • Leading role in electric, electron, telecommunication-related products market such as coaxial cable assembly and related industry.
    2003 Year
    • D2T Korea is established as a joint venture with D2T France
    • Supply test equipment for engine and powertrain R&D as a solution provider
    • Registration to HYUNDAI / KIA MOTORS / GENERAL MOTORS as a powertrain test equipment partner.
    2004 Year
    • Registration to SSANGYONG MOTOR / RENAULT SAMSUNG MOTORS / NIER / KATRI as a powertrain test equipment partner.
    2005 Year
    • Start the D2T technical support in Asia Region
    2006 Year
    • Move to the expanded office to Pyounchon-dong from Yangjae-dong
    2008 Year
    • Expansion of business to green technology division (make a contract with EBZ GmbH in fuel cell SOFC)
    2009 Year
    • Obtain order fuel cell SOFC from SEMCO
    • Venture Company Certificate / INNO-BIZ Certificate
    • Expansion of business to electric, electron and telecommunication-related products
    • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
    2010 Year
    • Development and supply Local Automation System
    2011 Year
    • Supply test equipment for HMC CNG Hybrid BUS
    2012 Year
    • Supply hydrogen leak measuring equipment for fuel cell vehicles
    2014 Year
    • Supply Chassis Dynamometer to KEFICEO
    2015 Year
    • German FEV acquired D2T and changed the company name to FEV Software & Testing Solution (FEV STS)
    2016 Year
    • Supply Tectos drive line system for HMC
    • Obtain huge project order from HMC
    2017 Year
    • Supply Virtual Calibration HiL bench Platform system for HMC
    2018 Year ~
    • Supply Electrification Test Bench
    • e-Motor dyno
    • e-PT dyno
    • H2 Measurement Analyzer

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