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    D2T Korea Co., Ltd, as a joint venture company with FEV STS SAS (former name D2T) in France supplies software and entire solution for ICE, PHEV, EV and FCEV engines and E-Mobility(incl. Battery) in the automotive industry field including the transportation industrial field.

    Through these various businesses, we try to be the best company which can lead to development of the industry harmonizing people, technology and environment. Also all our employees who are rooted in an understanding of the needs and interests of the customers pursue the utmost customer’s satisfaction by offering the best quality product and service.

    Ultimately we try to be competitiveness company which can secure the customer satisfaction and the best quality products by cultivating our employee’s talent based on sense of ownership as an expert and ensuring our competitiveness of technology. With this all of our efforts, D2T Korea member will always promise to do our the best as much as we can.

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